preservatives in cosmetics

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Preservatives are needed in water-based cosmetics, including natural hair care products, organic body products and even the best organic skin care for two primary reasons:

  1. To stop microorganisms from causing product spoilage;
  2. To stop microorganisms from causing infection, illness & disease.

These organisms are primarily defined as any combination of bacteria, mold, and/or yeast.  The consequences of product contamination as a result of even one of these can create serious health problems ranging from eye infections to strep throat, staph infections, thrush and even e-coli.  Adequate preservation is a serious issue and must be thoroughly tested and confirmed by manufacturers prior to bring any product to the marketplace.

While a proper preservation system is absolutely crucial to the safety of cosmetics, there are certain types of preservatives that should be avoided. Fortunately, safer alternatives to these potentially dangerous ingredients are becoming more readily available and consumers have options that are healthier and safer.

Preservatives fall into two primary categories and both need to be fully understood by consumers who are committed to making conscientious decisions about their natural and organic beauty products.

Understanding the differences in these preservatives and the benefits and health concerns associated with each will better equip you to make the best choices for you and your family.
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